Main Projects


(Project in progress)

The VTSkills project was created with the aim of designing a training and knowledge transfer program, specific to the wine sector, to enable winegrowers to learn and apply the main techniques of sustainable precision agriculture and improve their production systems to adapt to the present and the future. 

In this way, they will be able to meet the requirements of the European framework brought about by the new Green Deal policies and the new CAP without losing sight of production profitability.


(Project in progress)

Potential of selective harvest based on mycotoxins content assessment in cereal crops. An ICT-AGRI-FOOD Project looking for establish a novel solution to reduce the risk of mycotoxin contamination in food products originated from barley and wheat grains by adopting smart farming technologies.


2022 – 2023

Adjustments and industrial validation, through advanced monitoring, of AI-based algorithms for yield estimation and quality of industrial tomatoes.

Implementation of methodologies capable of applying information technologies and precision agriculture procedures to the industrial tomato harvesting process, in order to optimize its execution and generate real-time data.

Other Projects

  • Dronfruit (2018 – 2020): (Drilling and integrated management in fruit trees using drones and artificial vision) aims to develop and validate an orange detection system using RGB images obtained by flight from a UAV in combination with a Machine Learning model.
  • RHEA Project (2011 – 2014): “Robot Fleets for Highly Effective Agriculture and Forestry Management” focused on the design, development, and testing of a new generation of automatic and robotic systems for both chemical and physical effective weed management, covering a large variety of European products including wide row crops, close row crops and forestry woody perennials.Within Row Weed Control System for Transplanted Processing Tomatoes (2009-2013). Funded by California Tomato Research Institute (CTRI)
  • Decision Support for Optimized Site-Specific Fertilization based on Multi-source Data Standardized Tools (2019-2021). Funded by ICT AGRI call 2018-European Commission.
  • Riego deficitario controlado del olivar de alta densidad: programación automática basada en la fisiología de la planta y en la economía de manejo del cultivo. (2013-2015). AGL2012-34544. Funded by Spanish Government.
  • Non-chemical precision weed management based on air-propelled abrasive agricultural residues (2014-2017). AGL2013-46343-R. Funded by Spanish Government.
  • Caracterización de la respuesta fenotípica del trigo y el maiz al deficit hídrico mediante tecnologías de detección remota y análisis de datos (2017-2020). AGL2019-78964-R. Funded by Spanish Government
  • LiDAR and hyperspectral measurements for the determination of wheat rust severity and its impact on crop yield (US-1263678)
  • Smart ag Services (Serv. Avanzado de Agricultura de Precisión Ent. Asoc. Agrarias de Andalucía. Grupo Operativo (Funcionamiento) (GOP2I-SE-16-0042)
  • Aforamiento y manejo integrado en frutales mediante drones y visión artificial (GOP21-SE-16-0048)